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Counting the Costs of Political Violence in Bahrain
Mitchell Belfer, World Economics, December 2014
The relationship between economic and political stability remains under-researched. This paper looks at the sources and types of data necessary to mea.. More

Further Fallout from the Global Financial Crisis
Adolfo Barajas, Ralph Chami, Raphael Espinoza and Heiko Hesse, World Economics, June 2011
We examine the recent credit slowdown in emerging markets from three analytical angles. First, we find that, similar to past history, a credit boom pr.. More

The Oil-producing Gulf States, the IMF and the International Financial Crisis
Bessma Momani, World Economics, March 2009
As the finance-strapped International Monetary Fund (IMF) was placed at the centre of coordinating funding and offering ideas to navigate out of the i.. More

The Institutional Framework of the Gulf Central Bank
Nasser H. Saidi & Fabio Scacciavillani, World Economics, March 2009
This paper discusses the viable alternatives for a suitable institutional and governance framework for the policymaking body presiding over the GMU. T.. More

Are Economic Sanctions Useful in Discouraging the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction?
Robert Carbaugh, World Economics, December 2008
against countries that have been implicated in the development of weapons of mass destruction and the use of terrorism. These sanctions have included.. More

Trends and Challenges in Islamic Finance
Heiko Hesse, Andreas A. Jobst & Juan Solé, World Economics, June 2008
The paper first discusses the current trends in Islamic finance, which has become mainstream with currently more than US$800 billion of assets worldwi.. More

Islamic Economics and Finance
Rodney Wilson, World Economics, March 2008
This article provides an introduction to key concepts and methods involved in an Islamic approach to business, investment, risk taking and insurance. .. More

The EU, the Middle East, and Regional Integration
Bessma Momani, World Economics, March 2007
The European Union’s venture into enhancing trade linkages with the Middle East, as conceived by the 1995 Barcelona Process, had high hopes but failed.. More

Can Iraq Overcome the Oil Curse?
Robert Looney, World Economics, March 2006
A growing literature suggests that the oil sector and the allocation of its revenues is the critical variable in shaping both the economic stru.. More
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