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The Economic Future of Europe
Jan Libich, World Economics, December 2014
What does the economic future hold for Europe? In the aftermath of the 2008 crisis, four macroeconomic threats have been subject to heated debates by .. More

The IMF’s Uneasy Excursion into the Euro Zone
Graham Bird, World Economics, September 2015
Much of the evolutionary history of the International Monetary Fund reflects its responses to unanticipated events. The crisis in the Eurozone at the .. More

The Eurozone: Was the UK Right to Opt Out?
Julian Gough, World Economics, September 2015
This article examines the performance of the British economy since the beginning of the single European currency in 1999, in relation to that of the E.. More

What is Britain worth to the next generation?
Angus Hanton, World Economics, June 2015
Government economic policy implicitly aims to build up useful reserves for future generations, or at least to not burden our children and grandchildre.. More

Measuring GDP in Europe
World Economics, World Economics, June 2015
In Europe the quality of national income statistics is less constrained by the capacity and resources devoted by national statistics offices to follow.. More

Is part of the Latvian economy already in the middle-income trap?
Igors Kasjanovs, World Economics, March 2015
There are fears that the observed moderation of growth rates in Latvia suggest it may soon be stuck in a Middle Income Trap. No uniform understanding .. More

The Greek Economic Crisis - is the Euro to Blame?
Andreas Hatzigeorgiou, World Economics, September 2014
The euro has been at the centre of reporting and discussion on Greece’s economic crisis. This article analyses the build-up, outbreak and development .. More

Strengthening the Early Warning Exercise
Bessma Momani, Skylar Brooks, Michael Cockburn, Warren Clarke and Dustyn Lanz, World Economics, September 2013
Following the 2007–2008 global financial crisis, the G20 leaders tasked the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the newly created Financial Stabilit.. More

Maastricht: Union that Foresaw its Failure but Closed its Eyes
Josh Rosner, World Economics, June 2013
As the global financial and economic crisis drags on, European regulators and policy-makers are continuing in their attempts to find a path from crisi.. More

The EMU Versus the EPU
Juan Carlos Martinez Oliva, World Economics, June 2013
This article draws upon the analogy between the current European institutional setting, in the face of the current European crisis, and the rules and .. More

Light at the End of the Tunnel
Elliot Y. Neaman and Shalendra D. Sharma, World Economics, June 2013
In October 2012, the Norwegian Nobel Committee honoured the EU with the 2012 peace prize for creating a peaceful and stable Europe after the destructi.. More

The Eurozone
Julian Gough, World Economics, June 2013
This article examines the degree of convergence of the economies of the eurozone since the start of the single currency in 1999. Convergence, both in .. More

Life after Debt
Miranda Xafa, World Economics, March 2013
The Greek debt exchange (PSI) that took place in March 2012 was unprecedented in two ways: it was the biggest sovereign default ever and the first wit.. More

The Liquidity Consequences of the Euro Area Sovereign Debt Crisis
William A. Allen and Richhild Moessner, World Economics, March 2013
We examine the liquidity effects of the euro area sovereign debt crisis on euro area banks as a group, on intra-euro area financial flows and on inter.. More

Understanding the Greek Crisis
Michael Mitsopoulos and Theodore Pelagidis, World Economics, March 2011
This paper focuses on the distortions that the Greek public debt has imposed on the Greek banking system, and suggests how these can be unwound. The l.. More

Punishing European Cartels
Cento Veljanovski, World Economics, March 2011
Antitrust authorities across the world are waging war against domestic and international cartels. The European Commission in particular has intensifie.. More

The Euro Crisis
Clas Wihlborg, Thomas D. Willett and Nan Zhang, World Economics, December 2010
The crisis in Greece and other mainly southern Eurozone countries has been discussed primarily as a fiscal issue. Current account deficits of the same.. More

Global Financial Crisis
Priya Nandita Pooran, World Economics, September 2010
This article reviews the degree of progress in financial regulatory reform and proposes new areas for inclusion in the reform agenda. It assesses the .. More

The Eurozone: What Now?
Graham Bird, World Economics, September 2010
The financial and economic crisis in Greece in 2009/2010 has reawakened interest in the future of the euro and the eurozone. After briefly explaining .. More

Greece and the State
Michael Massourakis, World Economics, June 2010
Pervasive state intervention in Greece has mired the economy with large-scale inefficiencies and an uneven playing field, protecting insiders and rent.. More
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