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Boosting Infrastructure Investments in Africa
Donald Kaberuka, World Economics, June 2011
The absolute and relative lack of infrastructure in Africa suggests that the continent’s competitiveness could be boosted by scaling up investments in.. More

Should Fuel Taxes Be Scrapped in Favor of Pay-by-the-Mile Charges?
Ian W. H. Parry, World Economics, September 2005
This paper discusses the appropriate balance between traditional gasoline taxes and charging by the mile, focusing on economic efficiency consideratio.. More

Congestion Charging
A. Edward Gottesman, World Economics, June 2003
The debate about road use charging continues. No simple and effective proposal to limit center-city congestion has attracted popular support. The eco.. More

Transport, Access and Economic Growth
Karl W. Steininger, World Economics, June 2002
Transport and gross domestic product have grown at roughly a one-to-one relationship in the past. Many decision-makers consider the supply of transpo.. More
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