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The IMF’s Uneasy Excursion into the Euro Zone
Graham Bird, World Economics, September 2015
Much of the evolutionary history of the International Monetary Fund reflects its responses to unanticipated events. The crisis in the Eurozone at the .. More

What is Britain worth to the next generation?
Angus Hanton, World Economics, June 2015
Government economic policy implicitly aims to build up useful reserves for future generations, or at least to not burden our children and grandchildre.. More

The Liquidity Consequences of the Euro Area Sovereign Debt Crisis
William A. Allen and Richhild Moessner, World Economics, March 2013
We examine the liquidity effects of the euro area sovereign debt crisis on euro area banks as a group, on intra-euro area financial flows and on inter.. More

José De Gregorio on Howard Davies and David Green: Banking on the Future. The Fall and Rise of Central Banking
World Economics, December 2010

The IMF and the Challenges it Faces
Graham Bird and Dane Rowlands, World Economics, December 2010
From being widely seen in early 2008 as an institution in decline and irrelevant to many of the problems then facing the world economy, the Internatio.. More

To the editors of World Economics
Tim Congdon, World Economics, June 2010

Monetary Policy at the Zero Bound
Tim Congdon, World Economics, March 2010
The main conclusion of the paper is that – even if bank lending to the private sector is falling (and destroying money balances) at a zero short-term .. More

F. Gerard Adams on David Wessel: In Fed We Trust
World Economics, March 2010

Michael C. Macchiarola on Stephen H. Axilrod: Inside the Fed – Monetary Policy and Its Management, Martin Through Greenspan to Bernanke
Michael C. Macchiarola, World Economics, September 2009

Quantitative Easing
Colin Ellis, World Economics, June 2009
Central banks around the world have moved to cut interest rates to record lows, with many in advanced economies going further and embracing full quant.. More

The Institutional Framework of the Gulf Central Bank
Nasser H. Saidi & Fabio Scacciavillani, World Economics, March 2009
This paper discusses the viable alternatives for a suitable institutional and governance framework for the policymaking body presiding over the GMU. T.. More

Perspectives on Inclusive Development
Michael Chibba, World Economics, December 2008
The pursuit of inclusive development raises numerous questions and challenges for academics, practitioners and policymakers. To demystify the subject.. More

Challenging Times for UK Monetary Policy
Andrew Sentance, World Economics, March 2008
Global economic developments have recently thrown up two major challenges for the setting of UK monetary policy. The recent global financial turmoil t.. More

Keynes in the Long Run
Robert Skidelsky, World Economics, December 2007
In the light of recent market volatility, this essay asks: is Keynes dead or alive? The broad conclusion is that while macroeconomic models are still .. More

Monetary Policy, Governance and Economic Development
Michael Chibba, World Economics, September 2007
Botswana is at a crossroads, as economic growth has slowed significantly in recent years while social problems remain largely unresolved. Exacerbating.. More

What Future for Central Banks?
Howard Davies, World Economics, December 2006
Central banks around the world differ in their functions, size, efficiency and status. In this article, Sir Howard Davies, a former Deputy Governor of.. More

Milton Friedman, 1912–2006
Brian Snowdon & Howard R. Vane, World Economics, December 2006
Milton Friedman is best known as the founding father and leading exponent of the monetarist school of macroeconomic thought, and for championing the c.. More

Gold and Silver as Monetary Metals
John C. B. Cooper, World Economics, June 2006
Commodity money systems, based upon gold or silver, provided relative economic stability for centuries. On the other hand, our modern paper money syst.. More

Monetary Policy, Macro-stability and Growth
Janine Aron & John Muellbauer, World Economics, December 2005
There is greater appreciation now amongst economists of the negative effect of uncertainty on investment, growth and equality, especially when credit .. More

Monetary Policy in an Uncertain World
Charles Bean, World Economics, March 2005
In this article, Charles Bean, Bank of England Chief Economist and member of the Monetary Policy Committee, reviews and assesses the three types of .. More
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