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The Greek Economic Crisis - is the Euro to Blame?
Andreas Hatzigeorgiou, World Economics, September 2014
The euro has been at the centre of reporting and discussion on Greece’s economic crisis. This article analyses the build-up, outbreak and development .. More

Poor Economic Statistics Fuel China’s Low Consumption Myth
Jun Zhang and Tian Zhu, World Economics, June 2013
The generally held belief that China’s consumption is too low is a myth based on inadequate theory, a misreading of official statistics and the use of.. More

How Safe is SAFE’s Management of China’s Official Foreign Exchange Reserves?
Friedrich Wu, Robbert-Jan Korthals and Ng Kuan Khai, World Economics, June 2013
This paper examines whether the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) and its subsidiary SAFE Investment Company (SIC), the sole managers of.. More

The Eurozone: What Now?
Graham Bird, World Economics, September 2010
The financial and economic crisis in Greece in 2009/2010 has reawakened interest in the future of the euro and the eurozone. After briefly explaining .. More

Dollarisation in Theory and Practice
John C. B. Cooper, World Economics, December 2004
Dollarisation involves the replacement of a soft domestic currency with a hard foreign alternative. This paper explains the different forms that doll.. More

Beyond the Ivory Tower
An interview with introduction by Brian Snowdon, World Economics, March 2004
Stanley Fischer had a long and distinguished career as an academic economist at MIT, and was Vice President, Development Economics and Chief Economis.. More

Exchange Rate Regimes
Vijay Joshi, World Economics, December 2003
This paper argues that (a) for many developing countries, the optimal external payments regime would be a combination of an intermediate exchange rat.. More

The UK’s Achievement of Economic Stability
Tim Congdon, World Economics, December 2002
The UK achieved a remarkable degree of macro-economic stability in the 1990s. Contrary to expectations when the pound was expelled from the European .. More

Japan’s Monetary and Economic Policy
Allan H. Meltzer, World Economics, September 2002
Japan has gone from very successful policies that promoted growth without inflation to a long period of slow growth, recessions and deflation. The Ba.. More

Where Do We Stand On Choosing Exchange Rate Regimes in Developing and Emerging Economies?
Graham Bird, World Economics, March 2002
In the midst of a lively debate about international monetary reform at the beginning of the twenty-first century, there seemed to be a broad consensu.. More

Is Dollarisation a Viable Option for Latin America?
Graham Bird, World Economics, March 2001
In the aftermath of the East Asian financial crisis there has been much discussion of exchange rate policy in developing countries. Some observers hav.. More
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