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The Diseconomies of Terrorism
Peter J. Phillips, World Economics, December 2011
The Global Terrorism Database (GTD) contains many active and inactive terrorist groups. The defining characteristic of the terrorist groups contained .. More

Defence R&D Spending
Keith Hartley, World Economics, March 2011
A nation’s defence R&D determines the international competitiveness of its defence industries and the technical superiority of its military forces. Wh.. More

It’s Time to Retire the US Military’s Retirement System
Chris Springer, World Economics, December 2010
The author outlines a retirement system for the most expensive government organisation in the world – the US military. The plan incorporates positive .. More

Weapons Exports
Samuel Brittan, World Economics, June 2003
The commonly held view that an ethical approach to arms sales is desirable but ‘unaffordable’ because jobs and exports are at stake is challenged by .. More

A Hard Look at the Costs of Peace
Jacques Fontanel & Michael D. Ward, World Economics, June 2002
The United States has emerged as a hegemonic, dominant military power exactly during the period when its military expenditures have grown least. The .. More

The International Arms Industry Since the End of the Cold War
Ron P. Smith, World Economics, September 2001
This article surveys the evolution of the international arms market since the end of the Cold War. It begins with the policy context, the choices made.. More
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