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Neglect Private Debt at the Economy’s Peril?
Leslie G. Manison & Savvakis C. Savvides
World Economics, March 2017 (Volume: 18, Number: 1)

The role of private debt as a cause of financial crises and prolonged recessions is often neglected. In Cyprus policy concern has focused on government debt despite the problem of a rapid growth of pr... More
Are Estimates of the Economic Contribution of Financial Services Reliable
Brian Sturgess
World Economics, March 2017 (Volume: 18, Number: 1)

The methods used to estimate the contribution of financial services to national income are seriously flawed. Banking sector output in the UK was estimated to have increased in 2008 while the financial... More
Measuring the Performance of Fiscal Reforms: The Case of the GCC
Ahmed Hashim Alyushaa
World Economics, March 2017 (Volume: 18, Number: 1)

Public spending has raised the welfare of citizens in the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) significantly over the period 1960–2015, particularly as measured in raised average life expectancy and lower... More
Defending Development
Raadhika Vishvesh
World Economics, March 2017 (Volume: 18, Number: 1)

The need to define development has witnessed many attempts to condense a country’s economic deprivation into a single figure. In order to target poor citizens, it is important to classify those who ar... More
Measuring the Impact of Agricultural Finance on Rural Inequality: Evidence from Egypt
Heba Farida Ahmed Fathy El-laithy, Ahmed Rostom & Lamia Donia
World Economics, March 2017 (Volume: 18, Number: 1)

Evidence suggests that financial development and improved access to credit not only accelerates economic growth, but also reduces household poverty and income inequality. Using Egyptian household sur... More
The Impact of Minimum Wage Legislation
Julian Gough
World Economics, March 2017 (Volume: 18, Number: 1)

Minimum wage policies are powerful political tools, but the economic effects are unlikely to be in the interests of society as a whole. Wages should be left to the free operation of market forces. Min... More
Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment in Economic Transformation: Toward an Institutional Framework
Patrick Schena & Asim Ali
World Economics, March 2017 (Volume: 18, Number: 1)

The prospect of prolonged lower hydrocarbon and commodity prices has forced many countries to reconsider both fiscal policy and sovereign wealth fund asset allocation to address possible liquidity nee... More
The Environmental Kuznets Curve
Harry Booth
World Economics, March 2017 (Volume: 18, Number: 1)

The Kuznets curve is an income inequality measure used in development studies which predicts an inverse-U shape with inequality first rising with industrialisation and then declining, as more and more... More

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