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Endangering the War on Terror by the War on Drugs
Deepak Lal, World Economics, September 2008
The century-old US War on Drugs based on supply control measures is endangering its War on Terror in Afghanistan. With opium poppy cultivation the mos.. More

HIV/AIDS: A Growing Concern to Business
David E. Bloom, Lakshmi Reddy Bloom, Paul De Lay, Fiona Paua, Richard Samans & Mark Weston, World Economics, December 2007
Recent years have seen calls for the private sector to become more involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Business has valuable skills and other reso.. More

Economic, Neurobiological and Behavioral Perspectives on Building America’s Future Workforce
Eric I. Knudsen, James J. Heckman, Judy L. Cameron & Jack P. Shonkoff, World Economics, September 2006
A growing proportion of the US workforce will have been raised in disadvantaged environments that are associated with relatively high proportions of i.. More

The Value of Vaccination
David E. Bloom, David Canning & Mark Weston, World Economics, September 2005
Despite advances during the twentieth century, immunization coverage is far from universal and faces significant obstacles in both developing and deve.. More

Measures of Progress and Other Tall Stories
John Komlos & Brian Snowdon, World Economics, June 2005
How should progress be measured? Today, economists and economic historians have available a rich array of data for a large number of countries on whic.. More

The Anomalous Case of HIV/AIDS
Barrie Craven, Christian Fiala, Etienne de Harven & Gordon Stewart, World Economics, March 2005
In a recent issue of World Economics (Vol. 5, No. 4, 2004) Bell and Lewis discuss ‘The Economic Implications of Epidemics Old and New’. In their arti.. More

The Economic Implications of Epidemics Old and New
Clive Bell & Maureen Lewis, World Economics, December 2004
The outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in the winter of 2002–03 raised the specter of a new, unknown and uncontrollable infectious .. More

The Health and Wealth of Africa
David E. Bloom & David Canning, World Economics, June 2004
Among Africa’s problems, chronic poverty and poor health stand out. Traditional development thinking has maintained that health improvements are a c.. More

How Demographic Change can Bolster Economic Performance in Developing Countries
David E. Bloom & David Canning, World Economics, December 2003
Falling mortality rates spurred by medical, nutritional and lifestyle changes have spurred a ‘demographic transition’ in a majority of the world’s co.. More

Regulating Tobacco in the United States
Jonathan Gruber, World Economics, September 2002
There has been a dramatic turn of events against the tobacco industry in the past few years, raising the question of the appropriate future path for .. More

Prohibition and the Market for Illegal Drugs
Suren Basov, Mireille Jacobson & Jeffrey A. Miron, World Economics, December 2001
Over the past 25 years in the United States, enforcement of drug prohibition has expanded dramatically. Over the same period, however, the trends in .. More

Why is There No AIDS Vaccine?
Pedro Rey Biel, World Economics, December 2001
This paper provides an economic explanation for the non-existence of a vaccine against AIDS. It comments on previously claimed economic reasons why p.. More

Measuring Global Drug Markets
Peter Reuter & Victoria Greenfield, World Economics, December 2001
The continuing demand for measures of the size of global drug revenues has produced a supply of numbers that consistently overstate international fin.. More
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