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Averting a Global Food Crisis
Keith Boyfield, World Economics, March 2013
The World Bank’s Food Price Watch reached a new historic peak in August 2012. High and volatile food prices spell real hardship for the world’s poor, .. More

Pastoralism: Africa’s Invisible Economic Powerhouse?
James MacGregor and Ced Hesse, World Economics, March 2013
Many elements of developing economies are missing from their national accounts. This is more than a statistical dilemma. It hampers the development of.. More

Agricultural Statistics
Morten Jerven, World Economics, March 2013
In developing economies the data on agricultural production are weak. Because these data are assembled using competing methods and assumptions, the fi.. More

Malthus Postponed
Keith Boyfield and Inna Ali, World Economics, June 2011
The authors examine the potential to promote palm oil production in the tropical regions of sub-Saharan Africa. Given world population pressures and s.. More

The Future of North Korea is South Korea
Marcus Noland, World Economics, September 2007
North Korea's famine was in significant part a product of state failure, and unleashed an unintended grassroots process of marketization. Reforms unde.. More

Agricultural Reform and Trade Negotiations
Kimberly Ann Elliott, World Economics, December 2006
In this essay, Kim Elliott examines the patterns of support for agriculture across countries and commodities in the industrialized world. She then sum.. More

From The Hong Kong WTO Ministerial Conference to the Suspension of the Negotiations
Faizel Ismail, World Economics, September 2006
This paper makes an assessment of the WTO Doha Negotiations from the Hong Kong Ministerial Conference until the suspension of the Doha Round at the en.. More

The Nature of Corruption in Forest Management
Charles Palmer, World Economics, June 2005
Corruption is a well-documented and common feature of natural resource management in the developing world. This article investigates the nature of cor.. More

Can Agriculture Become an Environmental Asset?
Daniel W. Bromley, World Economics, September 2000
Traditional treatments see agricultural practices as inimical to many environmental attributes in rural areas. In the policy arena, farmers and envir.. More
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