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The Endless Business of Reforming the IMF
Biagio Bossone, World Economics, December 2014
In this article I review Joseph P. Joyce’s thought-provoking book The IMF and global financial crises: Phoenix rising?” (Cambridge University Press, 2.. More

Data on Singapore’s Sovereign Wealth Fund is Flawed
Christopher Balding, World Economics, September 2015
This paper undertakes a critique of the quality of Singapore’s public economic data in the context of the claim that one of the island’s sovereign wea.. More

New Data on Global Differences in Family Offices
Robert Eigenheer, World Economics, March 2014
A family office is not a specifically-defined institution per se. Rather, the family office is a broad concept to cover all financial needs of one or .. More

Singapore’s Temasek Holdings
Friedrich Wu, Ng Kuan Khai and Gerald Giam, World Economics, March 2014
This paper examines shifts in Temasek Holding’s (Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund) investment and risk management strategies since the 2008–09 global.. More

Light at the End of the Tunnel
Elliot Y. Neaman and Shalendra D. Sharma, World Economics, June 2013
In October 2012, the Norwegian Nobel Committee honoured the EU with the 2012 peace prize for creating a peaceful and stable Europe after the destructi.. More

The International Liquidity Crisis of 2008–2009
William A. Allen and Richhild Moessner, World Economics, June 2011
The ‘credit crunch’ that began in August 2007 turned into a crisis when Lehman Brothers failed in September 2008. That event caused large internationa.. More

Understanding the Greek Crisis
Michael Mitsopoulos and Theodore Pelagidis, World Economics, March 2011
This paper focuses on the distortions that the Greek public debt has imposed on the Greek banking system, and suggests how these can be unwound. The l.. More

José De Gregorio on Howard Davies and David Green: Banking on the Future. The Fall and Rise of Central Banking
World Economics, December 2010

Savings for the Poor
Ignacio Mas, World Economics, December 2010
This paper reviews the relevance of formal financial services – in particular, savings – to poor people, the economic factors that have hindered the m.. More

Paying the High Price of Active Management
Ross M. Miller, World Economics, September 2010
Financial economists have long known that actively managed mutual funds underperform comparable index funds and that investment management fees are a .. More

George Soros’ Reflexivity and the Global Financial Crisis
Thomas D. Willett, World Economics, June 2010

Narrow Banking
John Kay, World Economics, March 2010
The credit crunch of 2007–8 was the direct and indirect result of losses incurred by major financial services companies in speculative trading in whol.. More

The IMF, the Credit Crunch and Iceland
Sheetal K. Chand, World Economics, September 2009
Iceland was badly hit by a fundamental mismatch between the assets and international liabilities of her banking system, with severe consequences for t.. More

The Secret of Canadian Banking: Common Sense?
Laurence Booth, World Economics, September 2009
This article looks at the basic reasons why the Canadian banking system was recently judged by the World Economic Forum to be the soundest in the worl.. More

Understanding Crime, Political Uncertainty and Stock Market Returns
Juan Carlos Franco Laverde, Maria Estela Varua and Arlene Garces-Ozanne, World Economics, June 2009
Colombia’s economy has experienced positive growth over the past few years despite the incidence of serious armed conflict in the region. However, the.. More

Alistair Milne on Robert J. Shiller,The Subprime Solution: How Today’s Global Financial Crisis Happened and What to Do About It
World Economics, June 2009

Sweden’s Bank Nationalisations
Fredrik Erixon, World Economics, March 2009
Many banks are on the verge of bankruptcy and have received support from the government to stay afloat. Measures taken have not sufficed, and an incre.. More

The World Financial Crisis
F. Gerard Adams, World Economics, March 2009
The world financial crisis of 2008 is a consequence of new financial technologies, new accounting methods and new international linkages. These develo.. More

Singapore’s Sovereign Wealth Funds
Friedrich Wu, World Economics, September 2008
This paper examines Singapore’s two sovereign wealth funds (SWFs)-the Government Investment Corporation of Singapore (GIC) and Temasek Holdings (Temas.. More

Risk-Pricing and the Sub-Prime Crisis
Andrew G. Haldane, World Economics, September 2008
As the sub-prime crisis celebrates its first birthday, what lessons have been learnt? The crisis was rooted in a misperception problem among end-inves.. More
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