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Are There Limits to Green Growth?
Edward B. Barbier, World Economics, September 2015
Although there is progress in developing green sectors in some countries, the key challenge facing the expansion of economy-wide green innovation and .. More

Measuring Natural Capital
Dariana Tani, World Economics, December 2014
The purpose of this paper is to highlight the importance of establishing a system of natural capital accounting. Natural capital is integral to the ec.. More

How to Reduce Carbon Emissions Equitably
Masud Ally and Wilfred Beckerman, World Economics, March 2014
So far international negotiations designed to reduce carbon emissions have come up against the clash of views as to the equitable way of sharing out t.. More

Global Value Chains, International Trade Statistics and Policymaking in a Flattening World
Alejandro Jara and Hubert Escaith, World Economics, December 2012
The raise of global production networks since the 1980s changed the way we understand international trade and has profound repercussions on developmen.. More

Malthus Postponed
Keith Boyfield and Inna Ali, World Economics, June 2011
The authors examine the potential to promote palm oil production in the tropical regions of sub-Saharan Africa. Given world population pressures and s.. More

Managing Today’s Global Economy
F. Gerard Adams, World Economics, June 2011
Following the path-breaking work of Coase (1960), economists have recognised the complex issues of managing jointly owned and utilised properties, so-.. More

A New Challenge
Ziwase Ndhlovu, World Economics, June 2011
Over the last five years there has been a noticeable shift in focus among leading oil and gas companies active in the continent of Africa. Rather than.. More

The European Union’s Trade Policies and Africa’s Exports
Olayinka Idowu Kareem, World Economics, June 2011
An important determinant of the sustainability of growth in Africa is the extent to which the continent can exploit the opportunities available from t.. More

Towards New Thinking in Economics
An interview with introduction by Serban Scrieciu, World Economics, March 2011
Terry Barker is a leading British economist in macroeconomics, climate economics and empirical analysis. For over 45 years, he has been involved in re.. More

Low-Carbon Development for the Least Developed Countries
Alex Bowen and Sam Fankhauser, World Economics, March 2011
The global community has to act collectively to halt climate change. But such collective action must take into account the development needs of the le.. More

Keith Boyfield on Paul Collier: The Plundered Planet
World Economics, September 2010

Green Stimulus, Green Recovery and Global Imbalances
Edward B. Barbier, World Economics, June 2010
This paper assesses the extent to which G20 green stimulus initiatives enacted during the 2008–9 recession have instigated a global ‘green recovery’, .. More

Carbon Commitments Must Translate into Real Action
Andrew Raingold, World Economics, March 2010
The efforts of political leaders to negotiate a global agreement to reduce carbon emissions highlights the importance of consistent action at the dome.. More

Global Climate Change
F. Gerard Adams, World Economics, September 2009

Economists and Climate Change: Homework Comes First
Aldo Matteucci, World Economics, June 2009

How Much Would it Cost to Avoid Climate Change?
Bryan Buckley & Sergey Mityakov, World Economics, March 2009
This paper summarises various estimates of the costs of mitigation of the adverse impact of climate change. It finds that the differences in the estim.. More

A Question of Fudge
Mohammed H.I. Dore, World Economics, March 2009
This paper is an outline and critique of William Nordhaus’ book A Question of Balance (2008), in which he proposes his optimal policy for dealing with.. More

Economists and Climate Science: A Critique
David Henderson, World Economics, March 2009
This paper presents a critique of the characteristic treatment by economists of climate science, which appears as over-presumptive and uncritical. Whi.. More

Climate Change Issues
David Henderson, World Economics, September 2008

Over-Presumption and Myopia
David Henderson, World Economics, June 2008
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